Knowledge Management is fast catching up as a tool to build up competencies within the organization. KM issues can be broadly classified as people, process, technology and strategy issues. However there are enough proofs to show that these issues are contingent. India with it's highly educated population and different historical background provides as an interesting case. This blog seeks to discuss KM issues in relation to India.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

New Roles

Dear KM'ers,

This forum has been silent for quite some time now. I guess that it has been so, due to no activity from my side for some time, as well as activities going on in on other blogs. However I will assume the responsibility of being regular on this forum . I have been encouraged by a recent comment for my post.

News from here, I have joined my new role, and am in the learning phase. There is some gap between the academic and the industry.. and I believe KM should be more industry oriented, based out of practices, rather than theory, on which front I think a lot has taken place already.

Recently I had been given a task regarding taxonomy + Metadata Preparation. I did the task based out of logical and some internet based resources, however didnt find much of structured help on the same. Can anyone please suggest me some reading material on the same. An insights how it may take place in a services based industry.

Comments asap...
Sarup paul