Knowledge Management is fast catching up as a tool to build up competencies within the organization. KM issues can be broadly classified as people, process, technology and strategy issues. However there are enough proofs to show that these issues are contingent. India with it's highly educated population and different historical background provides as an interesting case. This blog seeks to discuss KM issues in relation to India.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

New Challenge

Hello All,
I have joined TCS and these days I'm at trivandrum undergoing my training. But since I have joined something is pondering me.


It's a challenge for me because now.. away from academics and research this seems to be big question..what are the skill that i need to develop, soft/technical?

Inviting comments from all the practitioneers. I request all of you to help me form an opinion about the same. I will also request you to kindly encourage other KM practitioneers/interested people to join this forum and constribute heartily. They may reach me at

Sarup Paul


Blogger Sreeharsha said...

Hi Sarup,
Firstly: Congrats for being selected in such a nice orgn.
As a KM Consultant you need to know about your company business, solution mkt, competitors, partners and ofcourse about your employees. Know where the knowledge is flowing inside your company and try to map it. You can use many tools available but mind you... KM is not technology oriented...Technology alone can not withstand the KM.
Did it make sense??? ;o)


August 20, 2005 at 3:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sreeharsha,

even I was wondering.. what qualifications does one need to become a KM consultant? I plan to join an organization as a recruitment (IT) consultant. Would it be of any help if I ultimately want to become a KM consultant? I am doing my M.C.A and I am in my fourth sem.I want to start my career in the right direction so that every experience of mine can be a relevent contribution. though I am doing M.C.A , but I am more interested in the field of H.R (IT). Can you please suggest me more options as well, as to how should I proceed in my career? Do I need to do an M.B.A after my M.C.A if I want to aim for managerial positions in HR (IT) ??
I reside in India , but have a strong inclination towards finding a job in U.S or Australia ( Australia more preferred). I think I am utterly confused at this point of time. Please help. Suggestions from all other people are welcome. I'll be greatful for your valuable advice.


April 17, 2007 at 3:48 AM


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